“Protect your domains valuable reputation with major ESPs and curb Blacklisting of your domain!“

Sender Policy - SPF

SPF records tell the Internet where your domain email should originate.

Domain Keys - DKIM

DDKIM is a key pair authentication method that allows receiving mail servers to verify an email arrived without modification and from your server.

Protection & Monitoring - DMARC

See how much mail from your domain arrived at the major email providers (Google, Yahoo, etc) and define how they should treat meail that not matching your sender policy.


Triangle of Protection

Your domains reputation with major Email Service Providers and Blacklisting services is critical to your business success. No communication = no business = lost income.

The triangle of protection is comprised of SPF, DKIM & DMARC records which help discourage and in most cases prevent spoofing of your domains email by spammers. Can you afford not to have this protection?


Who would benefit from SPF/DKIM/DMARC?

Those that send a decent volume of mail and/or are interested in authenticating their mail and improving delivery with the big ESPs (Google, Yahoo etc).

DMARC leverages SPF (what IP addresses can send mail) and also adds a domain signature to your outbound mail (authenticated a legit sender) - and the best part is DMARC returns data on your mail delivery.. for example, it shows how many messages to Google over the last day were aligned with your policy.


How does the service work?

We start off in data collection mode, meaning the ESPs report policy alignment. Then once we see that we have your legit mail all aligned with policy, then we ratchet things up - we set a policy that tells the ESPs to take action (quarantine or reject) mail not sent within your policy.

The feedback mechanism is the best part.... for the first time you can actually see your delivery and rejection rates at google, yahoo, etc. You can also see stats on fraudulent (forged headers) with your domain and where they came from.

After analyzing your legitimate mail flow, including mail sent from marketing firms such as Constant Contact, we adjust adjust the policy to be sure it includes all of your authorized sources.

When we have the policy covering all your sources, we ratchet…

Source Chart of forged emails


Case Study

With one organization, we were able to see that over 7,000 fraudulent messages per day were delivered to Google/gmail...

This was all spam using our client's domain as the 'from' address, most originated in China. We were able to provide the content (pharmacy spam) and even graphically map the sources across the globe.

Without DMARC reporting, they would have never known.

Once we ratcheted the policy, Google began rejecting all of those messages, their domain reputation improved and with this technology in place, their domain is less likely to be used by spammers.

Forged email content with originating IP address


Graph showing decrease in forged email with policy in place